Statement: I was introduced to her in early childhood and she has consumed my soul ever since. She is quite the lure, mysterious and sexy. She can make you fly and she can make you crash. I am blessed to have known her and cursed to have known her. She visits so infrequently often leaving you confused and sober. She humbles you to your knees. She is art and I am addicted to her

Biography: People often ask me, when I first started my craft and my reply is: "It all started with Play Doh and Crayons". My education is in biology and philosophy. I am self-taught and have spent my life in search of a masterpiece. My work can be found in collections throughout the world. In my twenties I became the Chief Sculptor for Banana Republic Stores, creating everything from life-sized acacia trees to life-sized elephants. I have had studios in both Charleston and the San Francisco Bay Area. I now live and create art in my studio in Greenville, SC.