Philip Simmons as Nok

Nok is the name given to a culture that created the earliest found sculpture in Africa. They were created out of clay some 2,500 years ago in Nigeria. National Treasure, Philip Simmons is depicted here as if he were a Nok sculpture. Philip Simmons was a famous blacksmith from Charleston, SC. He created some of the wonderful gates that adorn the downtown Charleston homes.

I created this piece after I had donated a piece to the Philip Simmons Foundation. It was a carved bust of Philip that I had carved over a decade earlier. I had Philip visit the middle school were I was teaching. I made it apart of a lesson plan where the children designed their own iron gate. I missed having the piece in my collection, his face was very interesting. I was creating another copy of a Nok sculpture when I thought of Philip. I put the two together and this sculpture was the result.